Eurovision preparations are well underway across the nation, and DJ and presenter Zoe Ball has debuted a fresh new hairstyle ready for the weekend ahead.

The former Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two presenter will be hosting The Ultimate Eurovision Pre-Party in Liverpool tonight (Friday 12 May) as part of her BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, and it seems as if the DJ has made sure she’s got a brand new look for the weekend of festivities.

After a trip to the celeb-favourite Hadley Yates Salon in London, Zoe and the salon shared a snap of her brand new style complete with shaggy layers and extensions.

The new cut for Zoe features plenty of different layers throughout her hair to achieve the textured look that’s key for a good shaggy hairstyle. She stuck to her signature bob length, with her new cut stopping just below her shoulders with a feathered, choppy edge that stops it looking too perfectly done.

Zoe Ball shows off her new shaggy haircut and extensions

Although her face can’t be seen, it looks as though Zoe’s also hopped on the curtain bang trend, with face framing layers blending into what seems to be textured curtains either side of her face.

Previously, Zoe had been rocking a full fringe which she also had cut in at the London-based Hadley Yates Salon, although in recent weeks it looks as though she's been growing it out in favour of the softer, more manageable curtain bangs.

To show off the different textures, Zoe’s hair has been styled in loose curls that accentuate the different layers. Rather than being curled the same way in sections for a sleek blow out look, instead Zoe’s stylist has curled different sections in different directions, which adds extra volume and texture to the look.

Hadley Yates Salon also revealed they’d added extensions to Zoe’s look for some additional volume, using Great Lengths extensions to achieve a thicker, fuller look. The extensions blended seamlessly with Zoe’s natural hair, with many fans praising how natural the final look was.

Zoe previously had a much softer, sleeker side fringe and short bob

In March Zoe had much more of a full fringe cut in

One commenter wrote: “This doesn’t even look like it has extensions”, whilst another said: “I love this and didn’t know you even had extensions. I have been struggling with very thin hair in menopause and have had nanos put in but didn’t look as good as yours xx”

Although most people usually think of extensions as adding length, they’re actually a great option for those who struggle with thin hair, or simply want a little extra volume if their hair is quite fine and flat. Clip in extensions are a good temporary way to add thickness without the added weight of wearing more permanent extensions, which can cause damage to fine hair or feel too bulky or heavy to wear all the time.

You can now get extensions specifically designed for fine hair, too, which offer a similar thickness to regular extensions, but are applied without any tension which prevents pulling, breakage or damage.

Although Zoe may be presenting her Eurovision party over the radio, we think it’s safe to say she’s already very prepared for a glam weekend ahead.


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