Fancy trying a new scent for spring – and without spending a fortune? It’s worth checking out the beauty aisles of your local Aldi the next time you’re doing your weekly shop.

The supermarket giant’s own beauty brand Lacura has a huge number of products – and fragrances in particular – that famously go viral on social media apps and bargain hunting forums, not only for their super-low prices but also for how much they resemble high-end brands.

And Aldi’s latest perfume launches are its cheapest yet. Lacura is launching travel-size 15ml bottles of three of its best-selling scents – Dark Blossom, Guardian and Lady Pour Femme eau de parfums – and they cost just £1.99. At this price they’re a great way to find your new signature scent, or to stock up for travels.

These three best-selling Aldi fragrances are now launches in 15ml bottles

These EDPs have also drawn comparisons to other famous – and much more expensive – fragrances. Dark Blossom is an elegant floral shot through with a whiff of coffee, which is the key note in YSL’s Black Opium (£83 here for 50ml). Like Mugler’s iconic Angel (£83 here for 50ml), Lacura’s Guardian is a sweet floral gourmand with hints of fruits, vanilla and caramel, and similar pale blue packaging. And Lady Pour Femme, with notes of orange blossom, sandalwood and tonka bean, has TikTokers comparing it to Carolina Herrera Good Girl (£105 here for 80ml).

These mini spritzes are available to pre-order online from today, and will be in stores from 26 January. And if you fancy splashing out on something bigger, you’ll be pleased to hear that Aldi is also bringing back full size bottles of some of its other sell-out scents – Floral Love, Luxe and Je Suis Belle. These are also available to pre-order from today (and in stores from 29 January), and have had shoppers drawing comparisons to Viktor & Rolf, Marc Jacobs and Lancôme offerings respectively.

These full size bottles are also back on Aldi shelves next week

And Aldi isn’t the only supermarket that has bargain own-brand perfumes currently going viral. M&S’s Apothecary Warmth Eau de Parfum, just £9.50 here for 50ml, has TikTok saying it’s “identical” to the Le Labo’s £150+ Santal 33.

“Oh my god, it is the SAME – not even slightly different – as Le Labo Santal 33. Run, do not walk!” says TikTok user @skin.ting in a video revealing the find, which currently has over 19K likes.

Another TikToker @skincareshaun agrees: “It honestly smells identical [to Le Labo Santal 33],” he says in a video comparing the two. “It’s literally flying off the shelves, so if you want it, I’d check it out quick.”

The M&S Warmth eau de parfum (left), which TikTok user @skincareshaun (right) says is 'identical' to La Labo's

Looks like your local supermarket is becoming THE place to shop for a new scent…


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