There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve only just perfected your make-up only to look in the mirror and see it’s smudged off – hence is why setting powders have become many people’s must-have makeup bag item.

A setting powder not only helps to keep your make-up in place, but the right powder can also help to blur any imperfections and help you get an airbrush finish to your skin. That’s why shoppers have been going wild for the HNB Cosmetics Soft Focus Loose Powder, £11 here from Boots.

The powder promises to set make-up and make sure it looks just as good at the end of the day as it did when you first applied it, as well as blur pores and give a smooth, flawless finish to your under-eyes. It also gives zero flashback with photography, so you don’t need to worry about those annoying white under-eye areas in photos.

HNB Cosmetics Soft Focus Loose Powder has been sending shoppers wild

Setting powders are an easy addition to your make-up routine. You simply take a large, fluffy brush and use it to apply the powder all over your face in a soft sweeping motion, making sure you don’t leave any chalky looking patches where you haven’t blended it in.

Powder can also be used for ‘baking’ – a make-up term that essentially means setting your make-up, particularly under your eyes, using powder before brushing the excess away. Great for covering dark circles or discolouration, you simply apply your favourite concealer, like this e.l.f. Camo Concealer, £5.70 here, then pat the powder on top using an applicator sponge or beauty blender. Leave it to sit, then dust the excess away.

The HNB Cosmetics Soft Focus Loose Powder comes in a range of colours too, including translucent, dark deep and fair, so you can pick a powder that matches your skin tone. Currently on offer on Boots for just £10.80 here, you can also snap it up directly from the HNB Cosmetics website for £13.50 here.

Shoppers on beauty are raving about its results, with one saying: "Blurs my under eyes and keeps me looking smooth all night. The powder is so soft it feels like velvet. In love," while a second writes: "Amazing product for oily skin, it blurs all your imperfections".

A setting spray can give a more dewy finish whilst setting your makeup

A good primer can help your makeup last longer

If you prefer a dewier finish to your skin and want to steer clear of powders, you could finish your make-up with a setting spray instead. This Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray, £47 here, also promises to provide a blurring effect and set your make-up without leaving a matte finish on your skin.

Charlotte Tilbury also offers a handbag-sized version of its popular Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray, £17 here, that you can take on the go with you to make sure you keep your make-up looking fresh, even if you’re planning on staying out all night.

The secret to long-lasting make-up also starts with your base, and the right primer can help you keep your makeup in place longer, as well as providing a flawless canvas for you to apply your products to. Applying a premier like Rare Beauty’s Always An Optimist Pore Diffusing Primer, £26 here, can help fight shine, even out skin texture and prolong your makeup’s wear, so now you have no excuse not to stay out late.


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