Is mascara cancelled for 2024? Celebrities like Maya Jama, Kylie Jenner and Molly-Mae Hague are certainly proving that we're collectively entering more of a natural lash era – aka the 'naked lash' era, as TikTok has dubbed it. It's good news for anyone with naturally dark and defined lashes, but not such great news for those of us who have sparse or straight eyelashes.

It's also not ideal for anyone who is weaning themselves off false or semi-permanent lashes, and who may be experiencing some level of damage after long-term wear. So what's the solution? Get involved in the trend and ditch your heavy eye make-up by investing in a good lash growth serum.

The problem is that lash serums have had a bit of backlash as of late, with some users reporting the formulas as too harsh for sensitive eyes and lids, causing puffy skin and watery vision. If you've experienced this, you might want to try a formula that's specifically for sensitive eyes. OK! head of beauty Zoe, who rarely finds a serum that doesn't cause her lids to itch, recommends Revitalash's Advanced Sensitive Eyelash Conditioner, £109 here – which, she says, has proved to be a godsend for helping regrow her brittle lashes after a long-term lash extension habit.

However, if your budget doesn't stretch to £100, we have plenty of other options for you.

Best eyelash growth serums for sensitive eyes

Best eyelash growth serums for sensitive eyes

Poppy Austin Eye Lash Serum, currently £15.99 here on Amazon (was £19.99)

Made from a cocktail of vitamins and essential acids, Poppy Austin’s all-natural lash serum, £15.99 here, will give you fuller and longer lashes without the negative effects of harsh ingredients around your eyes.

Uklash Sensitive Eyelash Serum, £38 here

Uklash's Sensitive Eyelash Serum was designed specifically with sensitive skin in mind. Infused with hyaluronic acid along with a blend of natural plant extracts, the serum will keep your lashes hydrated as well as gently stimulate lash growth.

Makeup Revolution Rehab Lash Nourishing Serum, £9.99 here

Easy to apply and super affordable, the Makeup Revolution Rehab Lash Nourishing Serum £9.99 here, is enriched with light-reflecting properties to give lashes a dewy and radiant finish without irritating the lashes or eye.

Mavala Double Lash, currently £11.49 here on Amazon (was £16.50)

Ditch your pricey lash lifts for your very own DIY treatment with Mavala’s Double Lash Serum, which will transform your lashes in no time. Shoppers have praised the serum for its “sensitive-eye proof formula” that gives salon-like results at home.

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