Original Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester just announced the return of the micro-fringe when she debuted the daring style at the premiere for Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

The actress showed off the new style as walked the red carpet alongside husband Adam Brody wearing a metallic gold gown, with her long brown hair styled in loose waves.

Leighton certainly isn’t the first celebrity to bring back the micro-fringe, with Florence Pugh and Lily Collins already big fans of the style. The micro-fringe is typically a more edgy style, however by styling it with her long longs down and loosely curled, Leighton is showing exactly how easy the trend is to wear day-to-day.

Leighton Meester shows off her new micro-fringe at the Shazam! Fury Of The Gods premiere

The Gossip Girl actress braved the chop and went for one of this season's most daring hair trends

Whilst Florence Pugh's bangs are cut into a short, thick fringe with a gentle side swoop, Leighton has opted for a much softer version of the trend. The actress, known for playing Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, has chosen to have a much finer, thinner version of the trend chopped in, with a gentle curve that blends into her hair at the sides.

The thinner middle section has also been cut into feathery ends with a slightly uneven edge, which stops it from looking too severe or perfect – perfect for Leighton’s effortless and relaxed personal style. The star had been rocking a much longer fringe recently, with wispy, eyebrow-skimming bangs framing her face, but the dramatic chop has given her a more vintage-inspired look.

Although first popular in the 1950s, the micro-fringe has had a bit of a popularity resurgence in recent years, and is clearly not going anywhere any time soon. The trend might seem a bit daring for us mere mortals to pull off, but you’d be surprised at just how versatile the look really is.

A micro-fringe, or baby-fringe, brings all the attention upwards to your eyes, making them stand out, and works well on all hair lengths and textures. You might also be shocked to realise the trend suits all face shapes too, as demonstrated by Florence’s heart shaped face vs Leighton’s oval shaped one.

Leighton had already had a much longer fringe cut in last year

Florence Pugh has also been a fan of the micro-fringe

There are also different version of the micro-fringe. Leighton’s choppy, feathers look is perfect for those with naturally wavy or curly hair, as the softness is balanced out in the rest of your hair, and allows your natural waves to work as part of the fringe.

However for those with straighter hair, a super blunt-edged fringe works well with your hair texture and lets you stick to a more structured style.

The micro-fringe does require a bit more maintenance than a regular fringe. Typical bangs that skim your eyebrows are easy to clip back when needed, and can be pushed to one side as they grow out. However the micro-fringe requires frequent trims to keep it looking, well, micro, and isn’t as easy to clip out of the way.

They’re also less forgiving, so we might suggest putting down the scissors and asking your local hair salon to do the chop for you, as there really is no hiding them if it goes wrong. However, a well cut micro fringe gives you plenty of styling options, and can make even the most simple ponytail look a lot more edgy and intentionally styled

Will you be brave enough to try the micro-fringe trend?


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