Having started her career on SMTV in 1998, Cat Deeley has spent the best part of 25 years working in the world of TV.

Whether it's hosting So You Think You Can Dance? or in her new role on This Morning alongside Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shephard, Cat has spent two decades on our screens and is known for dazzling every time she’s in front of the camera.

And now, the 47 year old mum-of-two has given fans a peek inside her beauty regime, opening up on the secrets behind her glowy, flawless skin – and it involves less products than you may think.

Cat Deeley has revealed some of her beauty secrets

“The best beauty tip is basically ‘less is more’. I think women look more beautiful with actually less make-up,” she told breakingnews.ie.

“But that does mean you have to really take care of your skin. You have to eat a good diet, and you have to exercise and drink water.”

The TV personality, who previously lived in the US with her husband Patrick and their children, opened up about the kind of women that inspire her when it comes to their beauty.

Cat is the new host of This Morning alongside Ben Shephard

“For me, it’s always when a woman feels comfortable in her own skin. I think then she is incredibly beautiful and incredibly charismatic. When you feel good, you look good too,” she explained.

She also admitted that there's one simple item she can't do without: “I love an eyelash curler, it’s one of my favourite things.“It makes me look awake even when I’ve been up half the night with the boys. And some kind of mascara, probably.”

Aa for the one beauty rule you swear by, she said: “Why cleanse once when you can cleanse twice? It’s essential for me, especially if I’ve been working, have been to an event, or if I’ve had a full face of make-up.”

A self-confessed beauty enthusiast, as well as an ambassador for Ella & Jo’s, Cat’s revelations come after the TV icon completed her first week on the This Morning sofa alongside co-star Ben Shephard.

Prior to joining the iconic sofa, the mum-of-two discussed her joy at being a part of the This Morning crew and expressed her delight at joining an “amazing team of people”.

“This Morning is a national institution. Whenever it’s on, it’s like having your friends over – funny, smart, silly, heartfelt, informative and joyful – like all the greatest friendships!,” she said.

Cat says that "less is more" when it comes to beauty

“This Morning is and always will be the viewer’s show. Ben and I both know how much people love it, and with the help of an amazing team of people, we’re going to do our best to take care of it.”

Meanwhile, Ben added: “This really feels like a very special moment for Cat and I to be part of the next chapter of This Morning. It’s an honour to be trusted with the reigns, join Alison and Dermot and all the team that work on and off screen and do such a great job.

“For the last ten years I’ve been waking up with our ITV daytime audience on GMB and I now look forward to spending time with Cat, welcoming the viewers home after the school run or from their early morning routines, with a cup of tea and a mix of everything that makes This Morning so loved.”

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