There’s nothing better than a truly honest makeup review, and if anyone’s going to share their honest feedback about something, it’s Stacey Solomon. The TV presenter is known for her hilarious beauty tutorials over on TikTok, and her most recent video has got fans in stitches.

In a recent video, Stacey wrote: “How to get “duck lips”. Started as a try with me turned into a tutorial no one asked for.” In the tutorial, Stacey tries the new viral NYX Duck Plump Lip Plumping Gloss, £10.50 here, after one fan asked her to test it out, saying: “I’ve tried other plumping lipsticks but they haven’t worked, would love to know what it’s like.”

Stacey Solomon gave a hilarious honest TikTok review of a lip plumping gloss

Stacey starts her video by showing the two versions she’s bought, opting for shades Clearly Spicy – adding “I guess because it’s clear…and spicy?” – and Mauve Out of My Way, which Stacey read out in a hysterical Australian accent.

To compare results, Stacey applied the clear version to just one side of her lips to see if they get any bigger, but she didn’t seem too impressed by the results. “I don’t feel anything” she says, before mixing the gloss more and reapplying several coats. Despite waiting several minutes, Stacey admits she can’t feel anything at all, adding that “It’s not just this product, I’m not convinced any plumping glosses really do anything at all.”

Stacey claimed she couldn't feel any tingling when using the gloss

Stacey might not have been impressed, but there have been plenty of viral TikTok videos from creators claiming the gloss really does work to plump their pout, including this video which has racked up almost 890k views. However fans in Stacey's comment section were quick to offer suggestions of their favourite lip plumping treatments that have given them impressive results. “You need the @plumpit lip plumper! It’s the best thing I’ve ever used!” said one, referring to the Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper, £23 here.

Another wrote: “Try the TooFaced max lip injection I think it's called, that was amazing for me!!” which costs £26 here , whilst a third suggested a more affordable version: “Try the Maybelline Lifter Gloss with chilli pepper – now that tingles and plumps and love the range of colours”, with the gloss setting you back £9.99 here.

Stacey showed off her preferred way of getting 'duck lips' using a lip liner and liquid lipstick

However, Stacey had another suggestion. “If you want bigger lips just draw them on” she quipped, before rummaging around in her makeup kit to grab a Morphe lip liner pencil, £7 here, and showing how she carefully draws outside the edge of her lips to create the illusion of a fuller pout.

“That’s how you really get duck lips” she jokes, before sharing another secret tip. Stacey recommends using a lighter coloured liner compared to the lipstick shade you choose, with the Sort Your Life Out presenter opting for the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Resistance Liquid Lipstick, £7.23 here (was £11.99), to fill in her lips. Once she was done, Stacey showed off the different the makeup trick had made to her lips – and there’s no denying they were definitely giving ‘duck lips.’

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