Meet Miki of My Name Is Miki Nail, the New York nail tech who tends to the nails of Ariana Grande, as she shares her career journey and reveals the nail shade worn in the Yes, And? music video

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Miki of My Name Is Miki Nail

Working for a fashion company in her early 20s, Miki became interested in wearing nail looks inspired by the fashion designs and shows that she saw around her. “I was drawing nail ideas on paper to take to the salon, but they couldn’t create the designs I wanted,” Miki remembers.

“I decided to go to nail school to learn, as I’d always loved to paint my nails. I had a few favourite artists – not just nail artists, so I was trying to figure out how to express that with nails.”

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Based in New York, Miki moved from Japan in May 2017 and now works from her Brooklyn nail studio, creating extravagant and eye-catching looks for clients. “I mostly use OPI’s Diamond Gel and Aprés Gel-X extensions,” she shares.

“My style is pretty unique and playful. I get inspired by paintings, vintage objects, jewels and nature. I love using tonnes of gems, stones and chrome and making 3D designs.

“Moving to New York and having my own studio was my dream when I was living in Japan,” she reveals.

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“I love having long nails myself, but I can’t have them on my dominant hand,” Miki laughs. “I’ve been wearing Aprés extensions only on my left hand, and regular gel polish and hard gel on my right hand.

“I try to make sure I moisturise regularly and I’m careful not to use my nails all the time, such as not to open cans and packages, to help me in keeping nice nails.

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“I’ve been so blessed to be able to work with a variety of clients since coming to New York, and I’m so lucky they trust my creativity,” Miki smiles.

Represented by Tiff from the Art Department agency, Miki was recommended to work with Joan Grande, where her style and creativity was admired by Joan and her team. Before long, Miki found herself being recommended to Ariana Grande.

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Miki has worked with Ariana to create a range of nail looks, including for her Eternal Sunshine album cover and the Yes, And? music video.

Remembering the process of deciding the nail shade for the the Yes, And? music video, Miki presented Ariana with a range of red hues, before she settled on the shade, Lucky Envelope, from Aprés Nail.

Miki Nails Ari Cover

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Ariana’s nails in the Yes, And? music video.

“Working with Ariana Grande has been so huge for me,” she details. “Ariana is always telling me that I’m the best, and it really means everything to me.

“Ariana is the biggest superstar in the world, and I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to do her nails.

Miki Nails Liz And Ari

Nails by Miki for Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies. Image courtesy of

“I love doing nails and chatting with my clients. I remember the first time I went to a nail salon – it was quiet and awkward at the session, and I didn’t want to go back to the salon, even though the tech did an amazing job.

“I want people to have fun while getting their nails done. It’s an exciting experience, where creativity is exchanged and you get to meet cool people.”

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In the future, Miki looks forward to continuing her journey as a nail artist, showcasing her art and design to the world. “I would love to do a show focused on nail art at a gallery in New York and create a nail art zine.

“I hope the nail industry can be a place where everyone can express themselves with their nails regardless of gender, and I would love for people to have more adventures with nail art.”

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