Pills, powders, chews and fizzes that promise to improve your skin from the inside out have become a hot trend, but how can you tell which ones are really worth taking, and which ones really will work to combat the skin concern you’re facing?

There are plenty of ingestible beauty buys promising, over time and with diligent consumption, to help improve everything from fine lines to loss of volume and lacklustre complexion, so we’ve spoken to skin expert Shabir Daya, pharmacist and founder of Victoriahealth.com, to find out what you need to know about incorporating an ingestible beauty product into your regime.

What should I look for on the ingredient list?

Marine collagen is a popular choice for ingestible skin boosters for a reason: its anti-ageing benefits. Collagen peptides act as antioxidants to reduce damaging free radicals and inflammation – both of which are associated with ageing. Biotin is a second all-rounder ingredient you might want to look for as it’s recommended for strengthening hair and nails.

Marine collagen is a popular choice for ingestible skin boosters

Shabir also recommends looking for a product with these added ingredients:

Vitamin C – “I’d recommend one with high-strength vitamin C (you can take around 1000mg) which will help with the growth and repair of tissues,” Shabir says.

Vitamin A – “This is also good as it aids healthy cell membrane production, which you need for a functioning skin barrier,” says Shabir.

Zinc – “This takes nutrients to the tissues that need it most,” he explains.

Omega-3 – “These can help boost hydration and condition by improving the skin’s natural barrier,” he says.

Does taking a beauty supplement mean I can relax my skincare routine?

Shabir says they should be used in conjunction with a good skincare regime – he recommends cleansing twice a day, wearing SPF and frequent use of retinol – so you get the benefits of both. “Supplements have been shown to work on a deeper level than skincare – helping keep cells functioning from the inside out – but you need to keep your skin’s surface healthy, too,” he says.

How long will it take to see results from taking a supplement?

“Always allow a minimum of three months when taking a new supplement, and then evaluate your results,’ says Shabir. ‘Many people expect to see a difference in your skin within a month but supplements do take time, especially beauty supplements.”

“Always allow a minimum of three months when taking a new supplement"

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